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B.Fosker. Brightwell.

     After trying all sorts to rid my land of moles, I finally admitted defeat and called in Bob. Nearly 40 moles later  my paddocks and lawns are at last clear. Fantastic. Cannot thank him enough.

Mr Blundle, Foxhall

     The orchard, beds and borders were overrun with the little monsters. Mr Land had them sorted very swiftly, and soon gets rid of any more that turn up. He has also cleared my mother's back garden. Most impressed.

RONNIE. Foxhall near Ipswich.

      Good on ya mate. Tried many times to get rid of the b****** myself! only to have the traps kicked out or filled wiv bloody dirt!!!  Get this bloke in, and save yourself some tears and loads of swearin

Mr D. Turner, Belstead, Ipswich.

       Great work from Bob after a very frustrating and costly year after trying to rid the vermin myself, realising once watching him I didn't have a hope, well done mate and thank you.